Zum za Instagram

Zoom for Instagram adds the ability to zoom Instagram photos.

After installing Zum za Instagram, učiniti sledeće jednostavnih koraka za zumiranje fotografije iz Instagram:
1. Dodirnite izbornik fotografiju u aplikaciji Instagram
2. Slavina “Copy Share URL”
3. To je to! URL se kopira, and the photo from Instagram will open in Zum za Instagram, zoom and enjoy :)

Watch the demo video:

Imajte na umu:
Zum za Instagram is a complementary application for Instagram and is not by any way part of Instagram application, nor is it developed or maintained by Instagram team
☆ Private users photos in Instagram does not have the “Copy Share URL” optionthis is according to Instagram privacy policy and not a bug

☆ Zoom photos from Instagram
☆ Bookmark photos for viewing them later
☆ Material Design
☆ Multi lingual
☆ And many more cool features



There are few times a Friend or acquaintance told me that your headphones do not work as before, that one of the two hulls not as loud as before. This may be due to the quality or abuse of these. But of course, no solution to continue using them.

is downright annoying that one of the two ear heard more than another, at least for me. To do so, within the Android settings in Accessibility , we have a choice to balance the sound. Thus we can reduce the sound of one hand so that both are at the same volume. We could put them to the maximum and continue to use them, but not to its full potential, but it can serve us until we buy others.

To access the menu balances sound of Android we have to go to Settings and then to Accessibility. Here we enter the section Hearing and here is already the standard that determines sound balance through headphones. We can also choose to put mono sound and use only one of them. Little trick that may be of interest.

Until next week!

The Zoom for Instagram, Polycon and Trick input sound balance, make your Android is different first appears in The Free Android