Dictator: Outbreak Cheats & Tips to Rule for as Long as Possible

A brand new game for the iPhone and iPad has been keeping me busy lately, Dictator Outbreak (or Dictator: Revolt if you go for the paid version). It seems that being a country’s dictator is not as easy as one might believe and the decisions you take will upset people who will eventually overthrow you. But I am here to share with you some Dictator: Outbreak cheats and tips so that you rule for as long as possible. And the best part is that if you play Dictator: Revolt, the same tips and tricks apply.

So let’s try to make the most out of our dictatorship, comrade, and let’s check out below Touch Tap Play’s Dictator: Outbreak cheats and tips / Dictator Revolt tips and cheats!

1. Anticipate the outcome of your decisions
Usually the decision you take regarding the matter on hand will increase your popularity amongst those who are requesting it and decrease it in the other two areas. Some increase by 2 or more, some only decrease one category, some both – that is pretty difficult to anticipate, but you can always know which category will get a star boost and use that to your own advantage to control the number of stars and keep all factions safe.

2. Get one category to over 10 ASAP
Basically, the top trick of the game is to get one category – any of it, to above 10 stars. Every extra star over 10 will give you extra 20k per turn so if you manage to constantly have 15 stars in one category, you are basically all set for an endless game. But that’s not that easy to achieve!

I believe that you should try to get over 10 stars in the people or army categories, as the oligarhs’ revolution is usually easy to contain. In order to quickly get over 10 stars, do like this: start with a decision in your picked category (we’ll use people here), and select the option that increases their ratings. Then go to any of the other factions and select the option that’s against that faction. Finally, go to the first category again (people) and select the option that increases your stars with them. Using this method, with a bit of luck, you will have 6-7 extra stars in the people category and over 4 in both other categories.

From now on, balance your decisions to keep the other two categories in a safe area, while making sure that your first category will never go below 10 stars.

3. A revolution will eventually come
No matter if you are playing Dictator: Outbreak or Dictator: Revolt, the decisions you make later on in the game will have a greater impact on the people (increase an area by more points, but also lose more points in the other areas, so the game gets more and more complicated. Eventually, a revolution will come and you will have a tough decision to make. Usually, I would recommend to go with the violent decision since it will lock the revolting category for three turns, then put them in the green for you – during this time, you should have enough turns to get your other low category on track and consolidate as many stars as possible in your top category.

4. Decide for the outcome, not common sense
Some of the decisions you can make seem extremely stupid (like allowing the Army’s horses to eat for free in restaurants), but this is a game, not real life. You have to make the decisions based on the expected outcome and not common sense – for example, accepting the aforementioned proposal will increase your popularity with the army and decrease it with the oligarchs and people. So do what you have to do to keep those stars in a safe area!

All in all, this is not a game you can win, but one where you can keep on playing for as long as possible and pretty soon you’ll easily get over 25 turns. I actually got 22 in my second try, so it’s completely doable as long as you balance things right.

If you have other tips and tricks for Dictator: Outbreak or Dictator: Revolt, let us know in the comment section below!