Walking Dead: The GameSeason

This week has brought us not only ZeptoLab classical physics sequel tocut the rope 2″, the well-known game makers Telltale finally will be its thrillerThe Walking Deaddoomsday survival and playing experience like a zombie friends this time turn once again to embark on adventure stimulating journey with the hero survive Clementine launched a series of actions.

Have learned from last season, Cliementine been hit too much, fear and despair are constantly invaded by her, but in a time of escape experience she has gradually become mature. In the release ofThe Walking Deadin, Cliementine not only the face of countless zombie land, but also to accept the cruel test of emotion between people.

Developer Telltale to describe the second quarter interactive adventure-oriented, which means that players need to give more consideration to the consequences of every decision brings, and a lot of time to be in terms of both survival and moral choice. According to reports, Clementine joined the new group a sense of lack of confidence inevitably be isolated group members, while their leader Pete treat her but hold a different attitude, giving a paternal reliability and security. Of course, you also do not forget there are other team members in order to survive malicious intent, they will make a sequel to the whole mystery and thriller richer flavor, you know, sometimes the zombies are not the most terrible ……

At present, the only introduced the first chapter as All That Remains, the nextA House Divided”, “In Harm’s Way”, “Amid the RuinsandNo Going Backwill be released in four chapters in 2014, interested students to act now to come quickly, and Clementine together to overcome all difficulties and obstacles it.