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Tapatalk Updated To Version 5.0

Tapatalk, the social forum app, was updated a couple days back to version 5.0. The new version hopefully resolves some of the complaints user had with the changes that were introduced with the last major update in December of 2014. There are a number of UI tweaks and new features worth mentioning in the latest update. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes. Ability to

National Drift hotrace

Speed racing against the same screen! Atletico’s first 3D multiplayer online racing touruniversal drift hotracetoday formally launched Android version, you can download games in the major application market. Simple and approachable dual operating modes, exciting racing competition, to join the game immediately and enjoy real racing athletics brings cool cool experience!   【同屏飙车极速对抗】 区别于市面上大部分赛车手游《全民漂移hotrace》首次实现了多人在线实时竞速这也是该作的主要玩法之一。在线对战系统中分三种模式:随机四人对战、随机两人对战、好友两人对战。玩家可以在游戏中随机匹配对手也能通过邀请功能与好友单挑竞速。这强调人与人之间真实竞技的PVP系统吸引了许多热爱真人飙车的活跃玩家。 【U3D引擎打造真实的3D赛车世界】 游戏整体采用U3D引擎打造,3D建模技术还原世界著名赛道40余条场景细腻写实多辆顶级跑车,1:1建模华丽制作。从特效来看实时光影技术很好的模拟了现实环境中光线变化其粒子特效则呈现出炫酷的喷射特效、真实撞击反馈等玩家置身游戏仿佛身临其境对于热爱赛车的玩家来说有着非常强烈的代入感。 【简单操作3D在线赛车手游】 作为竞技类赛车手游《全民漂移hotrace》操作简单容易上手玩家可以根据操作习惯选择重力感应或拉杆操作更贴心的是两种模式均能选择左右手操作方向。游戏新手指导设计非常人性化全程都有甜美声优配音的女郎陪驾为玩家提供提醒、指导、激励等领航服务即使是从来未玩过赛车手游的小白用户也能轻易上手。 【游戏玩法丰富赛制多元化】 游戏玩法丰富赛制多元化除了真人碰撞的PVP对抗外还有诸多PVE趣味玩法可归纳为一大赛制、五大模式、五大比赛。在不同的赛道和模式中设置了许多障碍和奖励比如在追击战中设有追击导弹和滚动的汽油桶玩家需要一边避让还要一边拾取武器攻击装甲车在生涯模式中玩家会遇到各种障碍物同时还要拾取诱人的道具奖励。这非常考验赛车操作技术玩家需要不断的提升自己的操作能力、协调能力同时还需要不断的改装自己的赛车提高性能才能稳操胜券在比赛中拔得头筹。

Walking Dead: The GameSeason

This week has brought us not only ZeptoLab classical physics sequel tocut the rope 2″, the well-known game makers Telltale finally will be its thrillerThe Walking Deaddoomsday survival and playing experience like a zombie friends this time turn once again to embark on adventure stimulating journey with the hero survive Clementine launched a series of actions. Have learned from last season, Cliementine

New Games Recommended : Brain Dots

Brain Dots Initially, when the game is merely limits, allowing players to exercise restraint point, do not let the ball roll to the outside of the screen, and as the level of advance, the latter will be more and more limited. But anyway, the game offers generous memory cartridge, what you want to draw, paint does not matter how long, but it also lacks the

Instagram improve photo resolution! Support 1080×1080

Facebook-owned Instagram has now announced it’s rolling out support for higher resolution images – 1080 x 1080 pixels. This means it has doubled the previous upload resolution of 640 x 640 pixels. So, don’t be surprised if the photos in your stream start looking crisper. The new announcement comes from Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and the update will be rolling out to both Android and iOS. The

[Update: Released] Gameloft’s Siegefall Raiders game

Gameloft’s new RTS game called Siegefall is currently being shown off at E3 2015 and while the company has been teasing this game for a little bit now, no release date had been unveiled until now. Siegefall is a fantasy-themed online multiplayer RTS game where players will build up their kingdom, research technologies, build up their armies, and beat on other people’s kingdoms. The team

Find My Phone

Find My Phone allows you to locate your phone by sending it a text from any other phone How does it work? Pick a case-sensitivefind my phonepassword and hit Save. That’s it! Should you ever lose your phone, just have someone else send a text to your phone with the password. Your phone will come to life by lighting up and blaring its

Zoom For Instagram

Zoom for Instagram adds the ability to zoom Instagram photos. After installing Zoom For Instagram, do the followings simple steps to zoom photos from Instagram: 1. Tap the photo menu in Instagram application 2. TapCopy Share URL” 3. That’s it! URL is copied, and the photo from Instagram will open in Zoom For Instagram, zoom and enjoy Watch the demo video: Please note: